why bim?

The short answer: using BIM will save the project team time and money, and prevent a lot of headaches.

The long answer: there are many benefits associated with the use of BIM. Those benefits are realized incremently, as the various dimensions are implemented.

After the 3D model is created, the following benefits can be realized:
  • Increased visualization
  • Scope clarification
  • Document coordination
  • Collision detection and resolution
  • Options analysis
  • Building walk-throughs
After the construction schedule is linked with the model, the follow benefits can be realized:
  • Visual sequencing (increasing the realism of the schedule)
  • Visual logistics planning
  • Visual progress tracking
Finally, when the model is used to develop the construction cost, the following benefits can be realized:
  • Accurate cost engineering (instead of a cost estimate)
  • 'On the fly' value engineering
All of those benefits contribute to cost and time savings for both the designer and contractor. Proof to follow.

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