Contractor's Guide to BIM

The AGC's first publication on BIM is now available via the AGC website; members can download it free from here. The publication is kind of pricy, but as Lachmi Khemlani pointed out in her review of the Contractor's Guide to BIM, it is a one of a kind publication: There is no such guide for BIM for engineers or architects.

The first draft of the Contractor's Guide covers a number of practical topics including software tools, 2D conversions, partial uses, benefits, responsibilities and risk management.
Lachmi's review is more extensive that anything I could come up with, so I recommend reading that for more details.

The Contractor's Guide isn't perfect; there are a number of issues that it doesn't address (specific methods for contractor's BIM use, for one) and a number of issues that I disagree with (it claims that a 2D conversion takes 2 weeks and costs between .1% and .5% of the total construction cost; I have been working at Tocci for 5 months and we have yet to complete a 2D conversion). The authors do recognize that it is a first draft; hopefully we will see more content developed in the future.

In the meantime, I commend their effort and appreciate the additional proof that contractors are using BIM.

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