the goal: to build a building

Today, the Tocci BIM team attended a MicroCAD Revit training class that we found out about from here. The class (taught by Paul Aubin and attended by 90% architects) covered the following topics:
  • basic and advanced use of the family editor
  • detailing
  • design options

Let me start off by saying that the class was great. I learned a lot about family editor and am excited to start creating some of the custom objects we need. Paul did a great job of teaching family editor (along with the other topics).

However, as Paul reviewed 2D detailing in Revit, something he said stuck in my head (and I'm paraphrasing here): "You shouldn't model everything in 3D; if you want something shown in only 1 or 2 views, don't bother. It's easier to use 2D drafting components for those views." From what I can see, 2D drafting components are "unintelligent" components; there is no way to incorporate them in the BIM-derived schedule, cost analysis or interference check.

Internally at Tocci, we are in a constant state of discussing "LOD" (level of detail) and have found (after input from the field) that we need to put as much detail as possible in each of our models. So I tend to disagree with Paul's LOD viewpoint (nothing against Paul - like I said, the class was great today!).

Perhaps it isn't currently in the architect's best interest to model every detail in 3D; after all, their purpose is to produce a set of construction documents as efficiently as possible. However, it is in the contractor's (and probably the owner's) best interest; our purpose is to build to the building as correctly, efficiently and economically as possible. So, we model every detail.

Eventually, I believe the entire project team (owner, architect, engineer, contractor, subcontractors, etc.) will act as one unit, with a single goal: to profitably build the building. Until then, the forward thinking contractors will continue to do as we do: model every single detail.


James Van said...

Hi! Linked to your blog from Steve Stafford's site. Great discussions. I commented on your "Goal" thread on my blog. Stop on over and check it out. Hope to 'jam' with you on BIM some more in the near future. :-)

- James V.

Laura Handler said...

You are absolutely correct when you say that 2D details are not completely unintelligent. Keynoting is a great new tool, and it is true that details can be linked using e-Specs or another digital specification tool. I would like to see a more intelligent link between 2D details and the BIM - perhaps some kind of tool that allows the 2D detail to be linked to where it occurs in the model.

Miguel Krippahl said...

The current tendency (Revit 9 and ArchicAD 10) is incorporating 2D detail into your file. I find this utterly wrong, because it takes us away from BIM, as you said.
This I explain in detail here:

Laura Handler said...

Wow. What a great perspective from a forward thinking architect.