modeling philosophy . part 2

In my earlier post, I focused on Tocci's in-house discussion of modeling philosophy.

It seems that other people are thinking about this as well:

In a recent e-mail thread with Davis Chauviere of HKS Inc. (a forward thinking design firm that uses Revit to create BIMs), he mentioned the need for communication between architects and contractors regarding this topic. If architects were aware of some of the methodology behind "modeling for construction" (my term, not his) and software was able to support the model's transition between the designer and the contractor, BIM might work out a little easier for all of us.

According to Lachmi Khemlani's recent review of AGC activities, Graphisoft's Don Henrich considers the design model and the construction model completely different entities. To quote Lachmi:

"The premise behind Graphisoft's construction solutions is that the building model required for construction is substantially different from the model generated during design, and that in most cases ... a BIM model ... generated by the architect and engineer ... is not very suitable for construction and will have to be substantially reworked—to the extent that it would be easier to simply start from scratch. This viewpoint has, so far, not been endorsed by others in the AEC industry."
We at Tocci also disagree with Don. Although it seems that some modification of the architect's model is required, it is certainly not easier or faster to start from scratch. Good thing that Lachmi and Davis back me up on that.

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