more support from the architectural world

One of the unanticipated benefits of my blog is all of the networking I've been able to do. It has really opened my eyes to the architects who using BIM. I received the following in an e-mail from an architect at a design firm that is part of the LFRT:
There was a survey done a couple months ago that was published in ENR, its amazing to me how many excuses architects come up with as to why they shouldn't adopt BIM, I think it reflects poorly on our ability to run a business and look to the future. Architects that fail to adopt and embrace BIM will loose out to contractors. BIM requires us to re-examine the current contractual, legal and risk relationships that exist in the construction industry, and re-tool our business practices so that we can work together to build more efficient, better, higher quality buildings, with less overall negative impact in a host of areas. There have been numerous studies, and research done that prove the ROI that comes from BIM and we must press ahead. While certainly the cost can be prohibitive to some practices, that is fine, however saying that we're waiting for owners, or its not our responsibility, or whatever, are all excuses that fail to be forward thinking, all change has cost, failure to change usually has far greater cost.
I couldn't have said it better myself.

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Miguel Krippahl said...

Things could get more ugly (for architects) than that.
As in about 1450, we could be witnessing the end of a profession.
Architecture, as we know it, could be headed for extinction. to be replaced by other more adapted profession.