Revit Systems

A few days ago, I received an e-mail update from Innovaya (a middle ware that facilitates estimating and scheduling with Revit) - Visual Estimating and Visual Simulation now support Revit Systems.

It's exciting that middle ware software programs are supporting all of the Revit platforms, but this particular update to Innovaya seems almost useless. Revit Systems is on its 1st release; it isn't full developed (with respect to both content and support of all MEP systems). In fact, the focus of Revit Systems isn't to model to produce documentation; the focus is on designing MEP systems. What good is it to estimate or schedule MEPs that aren't completely modeled?

This isn't to say that Innovaya didn't make a good move; supporting Revit Systems is a positive thing.

My message is for Autodesk: please catch up to Innovaya.

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