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Today I received the following e-mail:
I work for a large AEC firm, ASCG Inc. I am presently our region's CAD Administrator. I am currently testing Revit Building for use in our company. I have a friend who is also just starting to use Revit. We both come from an Architectural background. We are constantly arguing over where BIM will take the industry. He believes BIM will empower the Architects to become the Master Building again. (Which we both agree he is not)! I am in the belief that the BIM will force the Architect to rethink his role in the industry. Unfortunately I do not see Architects liking the BIM because of the change they will have to do. On the other hand I do see the Contractors really jumping on the band wagon. I know I seem to be rambling here but my question is this: What is your Career background? How long have you been using BIM software? Do you plan on attending Autodesk University? I really enjoy your blog and your thoughts on BIM.
The future of the industry with BIM is a hugely complicated debate between a number of professions including architects, contractors, manufacturers, subcontractors and CAD managers. I actually did a research project on how BIM will affect the organizational structure of construction projects, so I feel fairly prepared to address this topic.

I tend to agree with your view of the future; I envision a shift to a project structure where the architect, contractor and owner share liability and ROI. Currently, I think the contractor and owner financially put themselves on the line more than architects do, which is why architects may be more resistant to BIM than contractors. As part of my research, I referred to this diagram, which is a little too idealistic and simplified.

However, it visually demonstrates shared responsibility and benefits, as well as the place for the BIM in the project. All of the project participants should be able utilize and contribute to the BIM.

(In answer to your other questions, I will not be attending Autodesk University and I updated my profile with some information on my background).

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Rohit said...

In my opinion, in the future, Architects would just design the buildings and specify. The contractors will have to make all the drawings.

The owners will ask for reduced design fees Because the CD's would be done by the contractors. Most of the architects would be employed by the contractors. Because they will pay them much better than the design firms.

As Laura mentioned earlier, Contractor will implement Revit first (this is valid only in US, India will be different)