an overview of the BIM Symposium @ Build Boston

Yesterday I attended half of the BIM Symposium at Build Boston. The workshops that I attended (Extended Benefits and Implementing BIM) were interesting (although I had already heard the majority of the information); a lot of great concepts and methods were introduced and discussed from different perspectives.

The Extended Benefits of BIM discussed exactly what one would guess (clash detection, logistics plans, quantity extraction, energy analysis, facilities management) and then a few others that I had forgotten about from my original research began earlier this year (building code check, constructability studies). The speakers for this session were Chris Barry (of Gilbane), Andy Deschenes (of Skanska), Brad Finck (of Cadsoft Corporation), Richard Keleher (of Keleher Architect) and Geoffrey Langdon (of Architectural CADD Consultants).

The panel for Implementing BIM were
Len Charney (of the BAC), Andy Deschenes (of Skanska), Geoffrey Langdon (of Architectural CADD Consultants) and Jeffrey Millet (of Stubbins). Each of the speakers briefly spoke about various aspects of implementation (training, software, process, etc.) and then the panel answered questions from the audience (topics ranging liability, sharing files, licensing, training, managing, etc.).

The workshops that i didn't attend were "
Overview of BIM" and "BIM in Architectural Practice".

Over the next week or so, I intend to address specific concepts/methods that really affected or inspired me - there were too many stimulating topics to effectively cover in just one post.

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