creating a browsable website in Revit

Cool trick I learned from Eric Boehlke (of MicroCAD) while at Build Boston last week:

Within your Revit project, create views and sheets that you would like to share.

Select File -> Export -> Image. In the Export Image dialog box, select the "Selected views/sheets" option for Export Range. Then, check the check-box for "Create browsable web site with a linked HTML page for each view" option under Output. Make sure that all of the check-boxes under "Options" are checked, and modify the file path/name if necessary.

Click "Select..." (next to "Selected views/sheets" under Export Range), and in the View/Sheet Set dialog box, select the sheets and views that you would like to display. Click "OK" when you have selected all of the sheets you want.

When you are back in the Export Image dialog box, click "OK".

In Windows Explorer, navigate to the path you specified in the
Export Image dialog box. Open the HTML file and navigate through the website that you created. (Until I can actually put this website up, enjoy a fuzzy demo of using it.)

If that isn't quite enough for you, navigate to the folder that has the same name as the file name you specified. You can play with the background, logo and other icons that are in the folder.

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