measured building

At the Build Boston session , Richard Keleher shared his a little bit of his experience at the AIA CBSP Symposium on BIM for Building Envelope Design and Performance. At one point, he paraphrased quote from Jerry Laiserin:
What about measured buildings?
Jerry is referring to the idea of using BIM not only for simulation (of energy analysis, solar studies, etc.), but for optimization of systems based on the simulation. According to Jerry, optimization should be final objective of applying BIM to design; simulation is merely a method to real the end goal. Furthermore, he believes that if the results of a simulation aren't used to optimize the design, the team wasted both time and money.

As harsh as it sounds, I agree. There are certainly analogies in the applying BIM to construction. For instance, I can simulate the entire construction process by running clash detection. The results of that simulation might be finding 72 clashes that would save the project a $300,000 if resolved prior to construction.

Imagine if instead of working with the subcontractors and field staff to incorporate the resolutions to those clashes into the actual construction, I did nothing. I would have wasted the time and money it cost to model the project along with the $300,000.

If you aren't going to use simulation to optimize design and construction, why BIM?

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