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Today, I attended a coordination meeting on one of our job sites. Also in attendance were the major subcontractors, the architect and Tocci project management.

My purpose at the meeting was to introduce BIM, show the model (in DWF format, see below) and discuss what how we intend to use it for their project.

We started the meeting with a brief presentation of the current Revit model (which is maybe 40% complete). The subcontractors were interested in seeing the model, but were also hesitant about having to actually use it. A few had experience with 3D modeling, but felt that the process is too expensive and time-consuming. Surprisingly, the architect seemed really interested in and impressed with our effort to date.

Most of the subcontractors agree that 3D modeling and BIM are the future of the construction industry, but believe that it is about 10 years away. Despite that, most are willing to cooperate and collaborate as long as I do all of the work. Thanks guys.


Miguel Krippahl said...

"Surprisingly, the architect seemed really interested in and impressed with our effort to date".

Not so surprisingly, provided he/she is a professional architect.

Our profession has the most to gain by implementing BIM in the design process.

The ROI comes sooner, and represents much more than the "measly" 30% predicted for the construction companies.

dustin said...


Are you trade contractors providing any 3D/BIM?

Is this just an architectual model done in Revit or is it a structure model as well?

Why are you using the DWF viewer over Navisworks?

Laura Handler said...

It is true that architects do have quite a bit to gain by implementing BIM. However, over the past few months I've met my share of resistant architects, so I am always (pleasantly) surprised to find a BIM-supportive designer.

For this particular project, all of the design documents were provided in CAD format - we are in the process of a 2D conversion (which will include architecture, structure and building systems). I chose to use the DWF viewer for this particular presentation because I don't have JetStream on my laptop. I considered using Freedom, but I don't like that Freedom doesn't have a selection tool.