please help me with my "brand"

Mary, the graphic designer at Tocci, has created a beautiful logo for my blog. However, neither of us know how to place a custom graphic in the header.

Please contact me if you know how to! I could really use the assistance.

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Jason G. said...

This can be tricky if you want to completely replace your header. See this link if you want to know how to completely replace it. http://weblensblogs.blogspot.com/2006/01/blogger-template-hacks-putting-logo-in.html

The danger, as you can see from this article is that nobody can find you if you take away the text header name of your site. If you look at my site, archin3d.blogspot.com you can see that I added an image to my header. I would suggest you do what I did, but use your logo instead, and make your header text really small and/or maybe the background color so that you don't really see it. Thus people can still find you by searching but on the website they see your logo.

I added the image to my site by going to customize - settings - basic - description and I put the following in. you would replace the image location with your own and adjust the width and height.

< IMG SRC="http://">< /p>Architecture In 3Dimensions - A REVIT BLOG