I received the following e-mail, in response to a previous post.
Laura, Nice work. I have a few questions.
  • What did you get from the design team?
  • How long did it take? If you did a similar project again, how long would it take?
  • Did you use Revit Building, Structure or other?
  • What were the reactions of the superintendent, owner, and steel sub?
  • Will you take a look at the quantities/time (tons per week)?
In short:
  • The design team provided us with schematic drawings - *.dwg format.
  • It took approximately 100 hours to model the structural steel and then a few more hours to schedule it like we did. It would probably take 70 hours if we did the same project again - the drawings weren't too clear and it is a large project with minimal repetition between floors.
  • We used Revit Building 9.0
  • Since the job hasn't been awarded, there is no superintendent assigned to it. We have also yet to present it to the owner and steel sub. However, everyone who has seen it has been very impressed.
  • We haven't discussed looking into tons/week, but I think that it is a worthwhile exercise that I might go through for the experience

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