speaking BIM

A few weeks ago, we gave an internal presentation on BIM; we are trying to get everyone in the company comfortable with (and maybe a little excited about) BIM. As I prepared this presentation, I realized one of the problems with introducing BIM to novice BIMers: the vocabulary.

Besides sounding (slightly) pompous, my definition introduces these new concepts while introducing new words, completing alienating the audience. So I decided to try something new

BIM : What it is...
  • A building development tool (like Timberline or a crane)
  • A communication and collaboration tool (like a set of drawings or e-mail)
  • Multi-dimensional (can be used to facilitate design, construction, manufacturing, O&M)
  • Object-oriented (smart - objects know what they are)
  • A method that relies on software interoperability (software programs need to "talk" to each other)
BIM : What it isn't...
  • Software (my personal pet peeve!)
  • A replacement for people (it doesn't run itself)
  • Flawless (BIM is just a baby; it will need some time to develop)
  • Just a 3D model (it is a number of components working together)
Hopefully, all that was simple, straightforward and less intimidating!

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