testing the waters

Yesterday we decided that we are going to have the MEPs for a project modeled in Revit Systems 2.0. Despite our initial hesitancy, we have found multiple consultants who are interested in using Revit Systems on this project instead of Autodesk Building Systems.

I've spent some time paying around in Systems 2.0 for the past two days. I'm not completely convinced that it is ready; the library isn't fully developed. However, with an external consultant helping us build the library, we should be able to make this work. Wish me luck...

...have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.


Jason G. said...

Are you at liberty to reveal who is interested in using Revit Systems in this area? The only MEP firm that we found who is willing to use it is SEI companies formerly Shooshanian. Our office is in Lexington, MA so anyone else in eastern MA would be great to know of.

Laura Handler said...

Unfortunately, I am not at liberty to share this information at this point. We haven't found anyone in eastern MA at this point either - we work with companies across the country.