I was recently made aware of Affinity, a pre-design BIM software that synchronizes information from the conceptual design phase through document production.

It is not a modeling software; from what I can see, it is a database software that among other things compares program requirements to the actual design - flagging instances where the two don't match. Currently, Affinity v. 3.5 can work as a stand-alone or as a plug-in for Archicad; a plug-in for Revit is in the works.

More than any other software that I've heard about, Affinity seems to have the ability to truly streamline the building process. The requirements developed and the decisions made during schematic design impact many variables down the line. Streamlining those decisions and requirements could help ensure that owners are happy with both the building process and the end product.


A3R said...

The link to the article is broken

A3R said...

The link to the article is broken.

Laura Handler said...

Sorry about that - old article, I suppose. I have removed the link!