BIM @ Stubbins

On Friday, we took a little trip to Cambridge to talk BIM with a few members of the Stubbins (soon to be Kling/Stubbins) team.

Although we discussed a number of topics on Friday, the thing that most inspired me was the number of people that they have working in Revit. Approximately 70% of their staff have switched from AutoCAD to Revit - and they are quickly moving to 100% implementation. It really amazed me to walk through an office and see Revit on so many monitors; I'm used to only seeing it on my monitor!

Their implementation hasn't been easy, but they are doing an amazing job. Their work (displayed throughout their office) was impressive, but their collaborations with Skanska were even more impressive to hear about.

I'm not usually this optimistic when speaking about architects and BIM, but after speaking with some of the team at Stubbins, I can't help but be (even if it doesn't last through the week). Right now, the future of the industry seems a lot closer.

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