cost of a clash update

A few months ago, I did some calculating to find out the cost of a particular clash. Since then, we've used it in several presentations and have added some updates (click on each image to view it larger):

Now the question becomes: Which would an owner rather spend on one beam:

$26,932 or $1,410


Daniel Hurtubise said...

I really love that example. Any chance you can provide it in another format ?
Thanks and keep up the good work

Laura Handler said...

Thank you!

What format were you thinking of?

Daniel Hurtubise said...

Do you have like on a PPT, i would definitely use it on any demos.
Can it be shared to other ?

Miguel Krippahl said...

This looks just great. Crisp and clear.

As an BIM using architect, I really would love to work with BIM using contractors.

Life would be so much easier...