DCR: the new (improved) RFI

Over the past week, I've put in about 20 hours modeling structure for the aloft in Lexington. As with any 2D conversion, questions come up that are not answered in the drawings. (This is due to the fact that I'm virtually building the building - rather than just reviewing the drawings to ensure that a subcontractor has covered everything in his bid.)

Instead of inundating the architect and engineer with a list of RFIs, which have a kind of negative connotation, I have prepared a list of Document Clarification Requests

I know. I know. "Isn't giving the A/E a list of DCRs
TM the same thing as providing them with a list of RFIs? Isn't this just putting lipstick on a pig?"

No. It isn't. Here's the difference.

According to OR Design & Construction, an RFI is
a document submitted by the contractor to the architect in charge of construction administration requesting clarification on any matter pertaining to construction requirements.

A DCRTM has a slight (but crucial) difference. Yes, a DCRTM describes issues relating to construction requirements that require clarification. However, DCRsTM don't just identify problems; they offer solutions (which has become some what of a mantra at Tocci). DCRsTM often come with visual representations of the issue, so that the A/E can quickly understand the problem and solution.

DCR Excerpt

DCR 5 . Block Wall
Reference Files: S101, S102
Description: The 2nd floor block wall indicated on sheet DCR-5 appears to be unsupported.
Suggested Resolution: Confirm current design or supply Tocci with a modification to the design.

Finding issues prior to construction is one of the values of modeling in-house. Issues don't just mean the results of a clash detection report; issues can be missing, conflicting or confusing information.


Dustin said...

How are you guys doing your '2D conversions"?

Do you bring in a DWG and "trace" over it?


Do you just model it from the hardset - meaning you don't use DWG xrefs in Revit?

Laura Handler said...

It depends on what documents are available to us - I'm actually working on a white paper on 2D conversions, so I'll share our process with you when that is all set.

stu said...

"Confirm design or provide a new design"? Is that a suggested solution?