SketchUp & Revit, Part 1

This may be old news for most SketchUp/Revit users, but I am not a SketchUp user, so it was new for me!

Last week, I was given a new project to model: a complex of 35 buildings. I received DWG and PDF from the architect, along with their SketchUp model. I've heard that SketchUp & Revit are interoperable,
so I decided to give it a try. If it worked, it would save me days of modeling in Revit.

In Revit, I did the following:

First, I clicked Create Mass on the
Mass design bar. Then I clicked through File > Import/Link > CAD Formats. I navigated through to the folder where the SketchUp model was, selected the file (after making sure that files of all types were appearing) and clicked Open. Then I waited. Then...

Then, I saw this on my screen:

I opened a 3d view:

It worked! I was ecstatic. Then I clicked Finish Mass.

There was nothing I could do but sadly click Cancel. Since I'm not a SketchUp user, trying to fix the model to "remove unnecessary geometry" seemed impossible.

So I started modeling the individual buildings. All 35 of them, with their 35 different gabled roofs and 35 different layouts.

To be continued...


Dustin said...

I'm not 100% sure about this, but did you try just importing it like a normal dwg and not a mass?

With a new project go to File > Import/Link > CAD Formats

The "Files of type:" drop down menu should be defaulted to DWG Files (*.dwg) change it too SketchUp Files (*.skp). Also I would choose the Preserve colors option under "Layer/Level Colors", just to be safe.

Also something that we had a problem with is if you render a sketchup model it turns out to be all white and look like crap. Might not be too bad for a massing model.

Dustin said...

Actually I just did a test and it works in either create a mass or normal import.

You could open it up in Sketch-Up and explode each building and export each one to its own .SKP file.

Miguel Krippahl said...

I would ditch the trees in SU, as they could have a irregular geometry.

coreed said...

sounds like you imported the autocad file and now the sketchup file