versions in Revit

When Revit v 9.1 came out earlier this year, I didn't really care. Although Tocci has a subscription to Revit, we chose not to update because so many of the firms that we partner with were still using v 9.0.

The Problem
In November, we received a v 9.1 model from an architect. First, I worried. Then, I realized that I could have both v 9.0 and v 9.1 on my computer.

Earlier this month, when I was working on setting up the link for a new middleware, I realized that it wasn't working because the export from Revit was written only for v 9.1. Luckily, they were able to write some code to export from v 9.0.

Yesterday, I started looking into utilizing Green Building Studio. I read the tutorial, got excited, exported a model to gbxml and then tried to run an analysis. But it failed, because I wasn't able to include zip code and building type in the model. Why? Because that feature is only in 9.1.

I haven't figured out what I'm going to do about this. Do we upgrade everything to 9.1? Do we upgrade models to 9.1 as necessary? What if I need to do an energy analysis on a project where the architect is using 9.0? I don't know why I am so against upgrading. Perhaps because there is no going back. Once a file is 9.1, it can never be opened in 9.0 again.

The (Potential) Solution
The short-term solution for this would be for Green Building Studio to modify their software, so that in the case of an analysis of a 9.0 export, it prompts you to manually enter the missing information.

However, can I really blame Green Building Studio for wanting to utilize new features that improve the results of an analysis?

The real solution for this has to come from Autodesk. I should be able to open a 9.0 file in 9.1 (or any higher version) without it converting. And I should be able to open a 9.1 file in 9.0 (and some lower versions).

Autodesk, when you are marketing Revit as a BIM product, please remember that BIM is about collaboration. So please, make it easier for us to collaborate!


David Baldacchino said...

I have used GBS under 9.0 and if I remembebr correctly, I was able to enter the location information that it required to run a simulation. In fact I still have the vrml and other GBS files. I'm not able to check were I entered the information though as I upgraded the project to 9.1. There goes Mr. Inter-Operability! :)

Tomislav Zigo said...

The information in regard to the location of the project should be entered under Settings->Project Infotmation->Project address. I have used it since 8.1 and it worked without a glitch.