bag of BIM?

Originally, the BIMForum was scheduled to meet at the Building Division Meeting on Thursday (January 18th) from 1pm-5pm. Then we added a Friday session (also from 1pm-5pm). At 8:30am on Thursday, a "20 minute" BIMForum leadership pre-meeting was scheduled for 10am that morning.

The purpose of the pre-meeting was to review the agenda with the subforum leaders and some of the subforum members.

As we started to go over the agenda, we got a little off topic: first discussing issues with software interoperability and functionality, then process. Most of us (if not all of us) are 'high level' BIM users, so we were mostly talking about 'post-wall' issues (referring to Mike Kenig's slide "The Wall").

Someone (and I'm sorry I cannot give credit where it is due - I don't remember who said this) mentioned a meeting he had recently attended, where another attendee (a non-BIM user who was clearly intrigued with BIM) half-jokingly asked the question: "Where can I get myself a 'bag of BIM'?"

We all laughed about the phrasing of the question, but it stayed in our discussions for some time. There is no one-stop shop for BIM; as other 'high level' users know, you need tangibles and intangibles alike.

Even after you have made it over "the wall", after you believe in BIM, you still have to make it happen (which is why I have always somewhat disagreed with Mike's slide). After you climb the wall, you still need to hit the bank, pick out software, trek up the learning curve and jump the hurdles of process.

To the person who asked for the 'bag of BIM, I apologize: there is no such thing. BIM is not as easy as buying a bundled software package.

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