Lately, I have been so intent on sharing some of the BIMForum goings on, that I haven't had a chance to mention any of my actual work! There have been some BIM-organizational changes at Tocci over the past few weeks that have slightly changed my role - nothing bad though! I am free from QA/QC, so I have more time to focus on developing process, internal 2D conversions, set-up for external 2D conversions, big picture BIM, training, implementing, etc. (in my mind, the fun stuff!).

But the "fun stuff" can sometimes be boring - I'm trying to determine the best practical way to communicate with external modeling consultants. We already have WebEx, so we will use that for the web conference portion. That leaves voice communication.

We can't use our current voice provider because some of our consultants are international, so it is too costly for them to call the US for an hour each day. So now, we're thinking Skype. Except, Skype doesn't offer internal recording. And we need audio (and visual recording) for record keeping.

My plan is this: use WebEx for visual and Skype for audio. However, in the record options in WebEx, select to record computer audio. In theory, that will record the Skype audio...I think.

Might not be the most exciting BIM topic, but it is one that needs to be addressed. I'll let you know how it works.


Laura Handler said...

It worked! I had to adjust some sounds settings in WebEx and in Skype, but it worked!

James Van said...

Laura, you also might want to look at GoToMeeting from Citrix. We used WebEx for a while then migrated to G2M. It's so fast and easy to use. I bought an inexpensive phone adapter to record audio right into my laptop with G2M's recording features.