A few weeks ago, I posted about DCRs. Yesterday, I received an e-mail:
The reason I wanted to email you was I really enjoyed you post of
"the new RFI". I have been doing something like this for a bit now
and when I came across your article it put a bit of a new spin on it.
My real question is do you find this effective? I seem to always come
across "Bad CAD" when I am creating the Revit Model. I think we both
know its a great value to find issues before they hit the field but
really I am getting very mixed response when I share this with the
design team.
We also get mixed responses when we share issues with the design team. In this case, the principal of the design firm responded in under 15 minutes:

I have to say that this is the best format and presentation of questions I have ever seen from any contractor, and I've worked with quite a few... and I'm not just blowing smoke. Thanks!
We've sent non-DCR reports to architects before that have been poorly received. I think that architects respond negatively for one (or more) of several reasons:
  • They feel threatened; no one likes having their mistakes pointed out.
  • They think they are acquiring some kind of risk.
  • The tone of the report is not collaborative.
  • The report makes their job harder, not easier.
I think the Starwood aloft DCR was received so well because it was clear (made their job easier) and because instead of providing problems, we offered solutions. And it doesn't hurt that the designer is a Revit-using, file-sharing, forward thinking type of architect.

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