drinking the Kool-Aid

The first session was started with a question that all the attendees answered:
What is your experience with BIM? Over the past 6 months, what has disappointed you the most and what has excited you the most? What are your plans for the next 6 months?
There were a range of answers, but here is one from Joe Stella (of PJ Stella Construction Corporation). Joe said:
I am a small general contractor; I haven't done much with BIM. However, over the past 6 months, I've been listening to all of the activity that is going on. I've been 'drinking the Kool-Aid', and I'm ready to dive in.
Ken Stowe (of Autodesk) followed him by saying:
I like to think of myself as the mixer of the drink you've been having, but it's not Kool-Aid. It's Gatorade because it will give you the 'stuff' you need to get the job done. Although I work for a software company, I try to deliver the truth to all of the contractors and designers I speak to. I'm optimistic; I try to demystify BIM.

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Scott Davis said...

Sometimes it feels more like a scotch and soda...the effects of BIM can sometimes be intoxicating. It can make you feel pretty good for a while, but sometimes there's a hangover that follows and you feel terrible.