Graphisoft v. Revit

Every time I complain about using Revit for contractor-specific BIM, I see a comment much like this one, in response to this post:
Why not using Constructor then? :D. I use it over Archicad/Revit/ADT and I'm really very happy.
Although, I agree that Constructor is much further along than Revit (with regard to BIM applications), we aren't using it at Tocci for several reasons. Primarily, we didn't want to abandon Timberline, which we use for both cost engineering and accounting. Additionally, the new BIM staff (myself included) already knew how to use Revit (for both modeling and contractor-specific BIM applications), so Tocci avoided training costs.

Personally, I believe that Revit is going to become the BIM standard in the future. AutoCAD is the 2D drafting standard; I think that Revit is a natural progression from there. Architects are slowly switching over to Revit; having Revit makes it easier to work with them.

Constructor users, you will have to continue to listen to me complain about Revit. Although I have complaints about specific features (and those complaints are very real!), overall, I absolutely love working it Revit.
I'm not switching!


Miguel Krippahl said...


Discussing software preferences is a pitfall I urge you to avoid (unless you want to increase you hit count and comments) :)

Each of us has his/her preferred software brand, and has good reasons for it.

But discussing this preference is like discussing, say, religion, or politics.

It gets you nowhere.

I have written something about this in http://bimania.blogspot.com/2006/12/matter-of-faith.html

Nevertheless, you personally believe that Revit will be standard de facto, as Autocad has been for the last 20 years.

History, most of all in the software business, tends not to repeat itself. Besides, conditions are very different from what they used to be when AutoCAD came into the world.

I would advise, if I am allowed, to keep your mind open, question authorities (specially when those authorities are also sellers) and don´t get cornered.

After all, see what good THAT attitude did to all those flat cadders...

Laura Handler said...


Thank you for your concern! I do agree that we all have software preferences and opinions - to each her/his own!

I (and Tocci) will continue to use Revit (with middleware) until something proves to be better. Open-mindedness is very important - don't worry, I've still got it!

Miguel Krippahl said...

On the other hand, don´t let your mind be so open your brain falls out...

Dustin said...

I have used both Revit and ArchiCAD/Constructor and I don't really see Constructor as a real BIM tool - it has lots of flaws (as does Revit, but Revit is not trying to do what Constructor is).

The tools that Constructors offers are cool (I'm not going to lie), but they are not fully developed yet (in my opinion) and since it is designed for "Contractors" it should be more interoperable with other modeling platforms. Sure you can bring in an IFC, but you’re going to lose data, materials, etc.

If they were developing a true BIM application for contractors it should use a similar engine that Navisworks does (allows imports from multiple platforms and ideally stores the data separate from the geometry) and on top of this offer the tools that constructor is offering.

We will be seeing something like this from another software company and it is not Autodesk or Graphisoft, but it will work with both companies software and is designed for construction management teams and contractors.

My point is that someone saying the Graphisoft will solve the problems you are having with Revit is crazy! All software packages will have problems – its part of life. BIM needs interoperability and assessable information to work for everyone, because no everyone is going to use the same software package (even after 20 years of AutoCAD, people still use other similar products – it is what makes AutoCAD better and in the end Graphisoft will make Revit better, because of the competition)