importance of software

First and foremost, BIM is not a software.

However, software is important (if not imperative) to the BIM process.

At the BIMForum meeting last week, there was a fair amount of talk about software. Although there were software vendors who made presentations, some of the best software chat happened between users.

After toying with the idea of testing beta versions (which we decided was too risky, considering some of the issues that come up when using fully released versions), we got practical. Software vendors need to know what we want and need. (For instance, although we all appr
eciate Revit's powerful spellcheck tool, it wasn't #1 (or #2, 3, 4....) on the priority list.)

Who better to tell Autodesk, Bentley Systems and Graphisoft what users need than the BIMForum? The BIMForum is comprised of users from all disciplines, who use the tools for a variety of tasks.

The idea that came out of these discussions is this: BIMForum needs to (and will) have a channel directly to the software vendors. Ken Stowe (of Autodesk) and Lew Reed (of Bentley Systems) attended most of the meetings (several Graphisoft representatives were also invited) and agreed to help us set up such a thing.
They also agreed to set up a non-disclosure meeting with some members of BIMForum, with the hope that it will further shape the direction of the software.

Most importantly, users need to use the BIMForum to express their needs. Although the chairmen make up a diverse group of users, they do not represent every BIM software user out there. So share your issues on the Software Subforum - big and small. We might finally be able to solve them.

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