One of the major issues that the BIMForum plans to address over the next 6 months is "process".

At the meeting, the attending members decided that process was an issue afflicting both the members of the BIMForum and other unrepresented users. Architects can't model for construction because they don't know what contractors need, and contractors can't rely on architects because they don't have defined expectations.

Ultimately, NIBS or a similar organization will define model standards and process. However, 'cutting-edge' users shouldn't have to suffer until they do. Therefore, the BIMForum is going to draft some practical standards.

To come up with these standards, the committee members (specifically members of the designer's subforum and the builder's forum) are going to use reverse engineering:
  • Create a list of deliverables
  • Describe traditional method to achieve deliverables
  • List model objects required for the deliverables
  • Come up with an "LOD" for each deliverable
I know it sounds simple, but remember: it isn't one company coming up with these lists and descriptions to create the standard. It's over 150 firms (architectural, engineering & construction) collaborating.

The BIMForum hopes to post a draft of the BIM Standards within the next month. Wish them luck!

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