I love my job. I love everything that I do. Almost. Everything except QA/QC (and digitizing, which is another story).

QA/QC (or quality assurance/quality control) is a process that we do to ensure that our models are accurate. QA/QC is tedious. QA/QC is boring. QA/QC is time-consuming. However, QA/QC is a necessity.

Although we QA/QC internally created models, most of my QA/QC time is spent on externally-created models. Either way, the process is the same. I compare the 2D documents and the 3D model, which doesn't sound too bad. Except that I have to review every dimension, object type (wall, door, pipe, etc.) and detail to ensure 100% accuracy.

Then, I issue a QA/QC report to the modeler, which includes a written description of the items and generally, a visual of the problem area. The modeler review the report and fix the mistakes. Then, I have to check all of the problematic items to make sure that the mistakes were actually fixed. We go back and forth until it is perfect.

A very necessary evil.

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Miguel Krippahl said...

Sounds like fun :)