still at the AGC Building Division Meeting

Over the past several days, I have absorbed so much information (at the AGC Building Division Bi-annual Meeting). I attempted to write several points during my time here, but my brain wasn't ready for analysis or synthesis.

Over the next week or so, I will share (almost) everything that I learned at this meeting, withprobably more detail than anyone wants to hear. But while I'm still here, I want to communicate some of the topics that the BIMForum has discussed here. We have talked about a lot of exciting ideas that will help fulfill our mission statement; there is going to be a lot of activity over the next 6 - 12 months (and probably even further in the future).

Some of those topics are:
  • Case studies in fabrication, collaboration and clash detection from GE Johnson, Sundt and Findorff.
  • Recommendations for tools within existing software programs.
  • Past BIM successes and disappointments of all attendees
  • Presentations from Autodesk and Bentley on their current solutions and where the software is going
  • Future software training sessions
  • Future non-disclosure software meetings
  • The idea of "the model",
  • BIM curriculum development, and most importantly
  • the BIM Process (who should model what..and when)
More elaboration to come next week.

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