a taste of the other side

Today, I spoke to a roofing, wood framing and siding subcontractor who is getting into BIM (via Revit). They asked for the Revit model for one of our projects because they are pricing it for us. (That model was created by an external modeling company; the model is unfinished and won't be finished because the consultant couldn't create an accurate model quickly enough so that we could use it for the project..a story for another day).

I asked him what he wanted to use it for.

He wasn't exactly sure: maybe quantities.

My initial instinct was to say no! The model was incomplete and inaccurate; it would make me nervous to share a model that I wouldn't want to use internally. Which makes me just like an architect, scared of the liability specter.

So, I will share the model with him with a verbal disclaimer. I will facilitate BIM in the industry. I will be excited that a subcontractor asked for a model. I will not be like them. Interesting that this happened to me the day after I was refused a model from an engineer.

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Dale Stenning said...


I think you are doing an admirable thing by sharing the model with the sub. My only recommendation would be to use a written disclaimer, not a verbal one. Should the sub's estimate turn into a subcontract, you might want to have that document in the files.

Cheers, Dale Stenning
Hoffman Construction