2D conversion troubles

It's been some time since I intelligently discussed (complained about?) 2d conversion efforts.

We are currently having models created for both of the Starwood hotels in Lexington (although we aren't having the architectural for aloft modeled - the architect took care of that!). Several weeks ago, an issue came up regarding a discrepancy in architectural floors plans: the ground floor gave one dimension for a certain length of exterior wall; the 2nd - 4th floors gave a different one (in total, there was a difference of 4").

The Building Information Modeler assigned to oversee the 2d conversion process advised the consultant to use the length of wall on the ground floor for all of the other floors.

Today, that came back to burn us! The architect told us to use the dimension from the 2nd - 4th. We passed on the information to the consultant, who told us that they would have to modify the architectural, structural, HVAC, plumbing & electrical model.

We are currently figuring out how to handle this issue. It will be resolved, but I'm not sure exactly how. All I know is that it is very frustrating. If the architect had (effectively) used an object-oriented software to create the construction documents, we wouldn't have this problem.

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Dustin said...

Well if there is a dimension bust in the plan I think the question/RFI should be sent to the architect before modeling the whole building off an assumed dimension. That is the only solution I can think of!