The Problem: I have an ABS/ADT model (which is created using constructs..?) that was created for us externally. (Don't ask me why it is in ABS instead of Revit). I am unfamiliar with the way ABS is set up. So, I want to play with it in Revit. But I cannot figure out how to export it to IFC. I installed a trial of IFC-Utility 2x for ADT. I still can't figure anything out. Very frustrating.

The Solution: ???

Anyone know anything about this?


David Kingham said...

The IFC-Utility from Inopso seems to be the only solution for ABS right now, I have not tried it (but I'm going to soon) We have a copy of ABS07 that was bundled with Revit Systems, so what we have been doing is first converting the ABS objects to 3d solids and then exporting to ACAD, which works fairly well as long as there is too much complexity

David Baldacchino said...

I've used that version and it works to some extent, but you're going to have to make some changes manually. For example when you export to IFC and then import in Revit, every door instance or wall instance will be translated as a unique family type. I had a model with about 2 door types but after importing in Revit, I ended up with hundereds! I used filters to help me out...for example I created a filter that selected everything except 12" walls. Then I turned the visibility of that filter off, leaving me with all 12" walls visible. Then I window-selected those walls and changed their family type. The same will apply to doors, since each family is like a block (no flexing of course), so you'll have to pick those doors and swop them with your own families.