inundated with acronyms

This afternoon, the BIM team met with several Operations staff members; our plan is to slowly shift some BIM responsibilities from Planning to Operations.

During our meeting, we referenced some of our BIM models (BmOM, BmSDC & BmVSS) and some of our processes (VsL2 & CeOM). We explained our new coding system for Vc products. We also discussed some of our new query forms (DCR
TM and NCRTM instead of RFI).

Needless to say, they were overwhelmed.

When I look at most BIM resources and documents, I get it. I can easily read (or translate?) a sentence that references XML, RFA, NDC, NCR and IAI. I'm fluent in BIM (I can say this honestly because I actually dream in BIM sometimes). The downside of this is that I often forget to translate for others. Clearly, something that I (along with other fluent BIMers) need to work on.

Next week, I will be presenting some of our BIM process to the entire company. My number one speaking goal (besides reducing the number of times I say "um") will be to clearly translate the language. Afterall, I don't want to scare them away.

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