organizing Revit objects

We recently decided that we needed a way to manage our Revit families.

My first thought: Excel.

My second thought: How am I going to list all of those families & their parameters in Excel?

I e-mailed a few people at Autodesk. They sent me a copy of their content in spreadsheet form. Perfect. I opened it. Imagine 1109 rows that look like this:

Not quite what I was looking for, but thanks Autodesk!

I waited a few more days and started logging families in Excel, figuring that I needed to get started. ("If I log 20 families a day, I'll be done in 60 days...")

Today, I got an e-mail from Ken Stowe, of Autodesk. Subject line: have you seen this?

"This" was a link to a post in Matt Rumbelow's blog. Matt's post is about Content Highway (beta), or "itunes for Revit family files" (as he calls it). Content Highway is amazing - exactly what I needed! Within the (free..for now) program, you sort your object library (or a portion of your object library) by Revit category, CSI, Unformat, Supplier or Folder. You can modify parameters. You can view a thumbnail of the objects while viewing a matrix of all of the objects.

I am still playing around with it, making sure that it is going to work for us. But I'm pretty sure that it is. It has to be. I need it.

Click to download.


Laura Handler said...

And..I just ran into my first glitch. Hopefully, the error is on my end & with the software:

After I added my Revit Library as a folder and loaded in the content, a peculiar thing happened. None of the parameters loaded. I opened a few of the parameter-less objects in Revit (from Content Highway); they were fine – parameters were all correct. But back in Content Highway, non of the parameters are loaded.

marekb said...

Actually not a glitch. At this point Content Highway cannot extract properties directly from RFA files. The current workaround is to use Content Highway's Project Manager as posted here...


1. Create Revit project files that contain the RFAs whose metadata you want to extact.

2. Open Content Highway's Project Manager and add the Revit Projects.

3. The project's familes AND their metadata will be added to Content Highway's database.

4. You can Refresh the Projects whenever they have new families or updated metadata.

marekb said...

here's the url again over 2 lines


Dustin said...

The current Revit API doesn't allow you to access the families and that is what is limiting this feature. Once Autodesk opens that part of the API up I think we will see this feature start to work - or if Content Highway R&D comes up with something - like the forum post referenced above says.

That will be a cool feature to see work.

marekb said...

The next build of Content Highway (due in March) will extract all necessary metadata from Revit RFA files.

marekb said...

The latest version of Content Highway (1.1.1) can extract types and their properties as well as create 3D DWFs of each RFA.