talking BIM @ the BSA

This morning, I attended my first BSA BIM Roundtable meeting. The topic was how engineers are using BIM, but the discussion strayed from that significantly.

At one point, the issue of the model came up. "Who owns the model?" "Where does the model live?" "Does the model exist?" At one point, Jeff Millet (of KlingStubbins) made a great point, "The issue of the model is irrelevant because we work in a drawing-based environment." This changed our discussion slightly; we started talking about using BIM now versus using BIM in the future. Obvious, opinions varied across the board.

At one point during this discussion, I brought up something that Tocci discusses internally; something I thought the architects would like: the concept that eventually BIM could allow each discipline/project participant to do what they want to do: architects can design (and not worry about creating drawing sets), builders can build, engineers can analyze, etc.

Well, most of them didn't really like that. Several commented that they take pride in their drawing sets, etc. etc. I understand that most of their fees come from creating drawing sets, but maybe in the future that fee structure will change. Perhaps owners will value design concept more.

I still believe that BIM can facilitate an environment where each person does what they enjoy doing. It may not be happening right now, but I think it is important to think about things like that now. After all, if everyone only thought about how to use BIM in the current environment, we would never progress.

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