update on Tocci BIM activity

Even though I spent the last few weeks mostly working on the hard bid, BIM has been moving forward.

The 2d conversion of the Starwood aloft and element has been ongoing; we are hoping to wrap those up ASAP.
Our experiences with the 2d conversion of the aloft and the element have taught us a lot. The "lessons learned" will help us streamline our external 2d conversion process.

We have already started to do some clash detection within Navis for those projects; we anticipate bringing the models on site next week to facilitate MEP coordination.

We are also using BIM for more cost engineering. In the past day, I produced a basic model for a new mixed-use project we are looking at. The cost engineer will use the QS extracted from my model for their pricing program.

Over the next week, we will be developing a 4d logistics plan for one of our pre-construction projects.

We might also be producing a visual schedule for the project that we just bid (if we go in for a follow-up interview with the owner)! For that project, I did a little bit of modeling for some of the QS, so it shouldn't be too much additional work to schedule it.

All of this activity has been really exciting for us; the thrill of it has spread to some members of operations. Several of our assistant project managers have become very interested in BIM; they are starting to "see the light". Some are actually teaching themselves Revit and are using BIM to demonstrate certain aspects of their projects. It just keeps getting better...

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