cutting or bleeding?

Earlier this week, we met with several key people at Burt Hill to discuss BIM.

One of the things that they brought up was the distinction between cutting edge and bleeding edge. The differentiation is important to them because owner's constantly ask where they are with respect to other firms. Owners don't want to hear about the bleeding edge because the risk makes them nervous; however, they are excited about the cutting edge because of the benefits.

I'm not sure how to classify Tocci. We are taking on a lot of risk by adopting BIM now, but we all believe that it will pay off in a big way. Therefore, it seems less risky. If we are on the bleeding edge, would we realize it? Furthermore, how can a firm be on the cutting edge of technology without spending any time on the bleeding edge?

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Greg said...

I don't think there's a place for "cutting-edge" any more... you're either bleeding or your playing catchup. It moves way to fast for it to be anything else.

What we need to do is get comfortable with the bleeding-edge and learn to manage the risks through education and proper selection.