Viacom v. Google

A few weeks ago, I was discussing the Viacom v. Google/You Tube situation with a friend. (The big picture is that Viacom is suing Google because Google is making money off of Viacom's media through You Tube). As we discussed it, we came to the conclusion that Viacom is ultimately suing Google because it doesn't want to have to innovate its practices. Hmm..doesn't want to have to innovate its practices. Sound familiar?

This point in time is a turning point for a variety of industries (i.e. automotive, music, manufacturing) for a variety of reasons, most of which ultimately stem from the increased innovation and expansion of technology. Things are changing and some people/companies are scared. I'm not sure if it makes me feel better or makes me feel worse that this fear isn't limited to the AEC industry.

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