more on scanning

I spent last week visiting the building that we are going to scan, meeting with surveyors and learning the building a little more. We are still fine tuning the overall script that we intend to follow for this, but it seems like it really is going to come together.

One of the surveyors demonstrated the scanner in the sales office of the building. We can actually open that file natively in NavisWorks. Although it appears somewhat blurry here, it scans so many points that it almost looks like a picture of the building.

From there, the project is modeled in one of several software programs which can export to CAD. From there, we will most likely follow Eric's advice.

Although I am really excited about the idea of prefabricating from a model, I am definitely nervous too. Hopefully, as we push forward with this, things will solidify a bit more. It isn't that I doubt that we will succeed with this - I'm just not exactly sure what it will take to reach that level of success.

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Greg said...

We tried this at my last firm. The only downside is that the model that is produced is unintelligent.

I suppose this would be acceptable if there were no plans to modify the existing building but if you need to modify it (cut holes for new openings, demo walls, etc.) then you have to modify the base cad model which is not as fun as it might sound [sarcasm]

What we really need is to take that data and use it as the skeleton for an existing conditions Revit model... though how you deal with imperfections in a 100 year old building in Revit is beyond me.