my title

My title is Building Information Modeler. It is a tough title because there is no elegant way to shorten it.

Sometimes, we use BIMer, but it is really for in office use - very colloquial. Others tend to shorten it to BIM Modeler, which is redundant. Building Information Modeler Modeler?

Any ideas for a new improved title?


Todd Behning said...

Try "BIM Tech."

Todd Behning
(Digital Information Specialist)

czoog said...

How about BIM Specialist? You are not just a modeler, you are an informationist ;-)

Chris Zoog
Digital Design Specialist
SOM New York

Jason said...

While we're talking about "titles" for people working with BIM - How about another view on what is BIM again....

I thought this blog gave an interesting read ;-)


RobiNZ said...

I think i'm leaning towards "BIM’plimenter" :-)


cmealy said...


I've chosen Operations Technology Support Specialist as my 'BIM title'

Chris Mealy
Messer Construction Co.

spatia3 said...
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spatia3 said...

yeah, as you can read - I can't do acronyms too well...I meant BTO - BIM Technologies Official

Rubelyn said...

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