USGBC Massachusetts Affiliate Town Meeting

Last night, Mo & I attended the USGBC Affiliate of MA Town Meeting. The purpose of the meeting was to give the membership a chance to define the agenda of the developing affiliate. The meeting consisted of a few introductions, breakout sessions and then the whole group came back together to report on their sessions. A few things came up that I think were interesting (and relevant) enough to share.

1 After the breakout sessions, when each group was reporting on the sessions, I noticed something about the way people were speaking about LEED, green building and the affiliate. They were saying things like:
"The activities of the past 10 years have led to this point, where green building is really taking off," and "We need to focus on the process of green design," and "Our goal should be to become obsolete - so that green design is the new standard," and "The organization needs to become the place where when people think LEED or green, they come to us" and "We need to elevate the bottom while pushing the envelope of the top".
The resemblance that this conversation has to the conversations about BIM are incredible. If you replace LEED and green with BIM or VDC, it could be the conversation that Mo & I had yesterday, the presentation that John gave last week or the message of any progressive organization.

2 Jim Newman, of Building Green, recommended this article on BIM and green design to me. I read it this morning. It didn't introduce me to anything new, but it was a good summary of a lot of information.

3 After exchanging business cards with someone, they said to Mo & I, "Now tell me, why would a contractor use BIM." After looking at him in shock and disbelief for a few seconds, I launched into my explanation, which started with, "How does a project truly use BIM if the contractor isn't BIM-enabled?".

I think I'm still in shock and disbelief.

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