Tocci VC Roles

A quick elaboration on the virtual construction roles at Tocci:

Virtual Construction Planner
  • preconstruction-based position, but involved throughout construction
  • assess new projects & specific VC needs of new projects
  • issue RFPs for creation of BM types
  • review DCRs, QAQC issues & deliverables relating to 2d conversions
  • push models through middleware for 4d and 5d
  • review, assess and provide ongoing VC needs for projects
  • manage object library and templates
  • manage & coordinate R&D efforts
  • manage & coordinate software/hardware needs

Virtual Construction Modeler
  • preconstruction-based position
  • create or manage creation of BM types
  • QAQC internally and externally developed models
  • create DCR reports

Virtual Construction Coordinator
  • operations-based position
  • create visual schedules
  • update visual schedule
  • assist project management and site staff in utilizing model
  • update BM types, based on as-built conditions

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