why architects model

Before explaining "why architects model", I need to clarify what "model" means:
Mo-del verb To insert a 3d object into a file (i.e. a RFA into a Revit model)
It does not refer to any drafting that is done in the file or any of the sheets in the file.

An architect models for 1 of 4 reasons:
  • To develop the design
  • To communicate the design
  • To make decisions
  • To document decisions
Except...when they are working with a contractor who could use 3d information...right?

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Miguel Krippahl said...

As an architect, I model for all those reasons, but also:

- To work faster and meet deadlines.
- To ensure data integrity.
- To enjoy myself.

This last reason is often overlooked. Modeling you project as you seek solutions is very much like a computer game.
Of course it is hard work, but so are games nowadays.

As for your last point, I am still waiting to find that mythical creature.