Neenan Archistruction seems to have coined the term which describes their business model; my interpretation of archistruction is this: a single firm that designs and builds the project.

Some interesting things on Neenan's site that I really liked:
  • A diagram of what they call their collaborative model
  • Virtools, which I interpret to be a video game for owners to facilitate decision making
  • Their dashboard for viewing construction site cameras - I love the flexibility
I have been working on the VDC section of the Tocci web, so I have been doing some research on how others are advertising VDC on their sites. As soon as my drafts are finalized, I will be posting some things here for comment before going live.


David Kingham said...

I'm very excited about our technology, the website only scratches the surface of where we're going in the future.

If you have any questions or just want to chat further let me know. Any chance you'll be going to AU?

Laura Handler said...

David - we really need to talk! I definitely got the idea that your site doesn't get into the full picture; neither does Tocci's.

I will not be attending AU. Will you be able to make it out to the BIMForum Boston meeting? It's going to be a working meeting, October 11th and 12.