For some reason, I have little interest in attending AU. I can't figure it out. I really would love to get excited about it, but I simply can't come up with a good enough reason to attend. So yet again, I'm not going to.

Am I really missing out this much? Should I be asking Tocci to send me?



RobiNZ said...

In a word, Yes.

In a few more words...


Brian said...

Just got sign off from the man and have a full schedule. I think you're missing out. One of the best resources for practical how to information and case studies.

David Kingham said...

AU is very valuable, but you are a little late imho, classes fill up very quickly, you'll find that most of the classes you want to take will be full already. I'm sure you've seen it allready, but my schedule is here: http://bimmanager.blogspot.com/2007/08/autodesk-university-2007-schedule.html