A term that we have started to use. I cannot claim to have come up with it, though. I can only attempt to spread the term.
One who is employed, for less than or equal to $15 per hour without benefits, to generate, modify, and sustain Building Information Models (BIM) for the purpose of Virtual Design and Construction (VDC).

BIMterns are typically characterized by their tendency to over-perform, can-do attitudes, and naive dispositions.

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Jake said...

I know that you are coming from more of a builder / contractor stand point, but I think that this term is horrible. I know that in Architecture when a student graduates with an architecture degree they are termed an "intern" until they pass a number of exams (in AZ it was 4) to gain the title of "Architect-In-Training". Then after passing another 5 exams (9 total) they can finally call themselves an Architect. Coming from the architecture side Bimtern sounds so degrading to me. When I was an intern I always tried to refer to myself as an architectural designer. I'm curious to hear what others think. There is are certain skill sets needed or knowledge of construction materials and methods in developing a model for construction purposes. I’m wondering if it also applies when re-modeling a building from a set of construction documents.

Jake Boen

Laura Handler said...


It is only recently that I realized that the term 'intern' means anything beyond a temporary staff member that is usually on break from university. For us, that is what an intern is.

We certainly don't mean to degrade; BIMtern is along the same lines as 'BIMplementer' and really any other word that we can place 'BIM' in front of.

I have found that 2d conversions do require a fairly specific skill set - only some of our interns are actually capable of being BIMterns, as we say.

So again, we don't mean to degrade anyone - there is no negative connotation to 'BIMterm' from me!