At Tocci, we often talk about how green, lean and VDC are connected; in fact, we've been known to say something along the lines of "lean, green, virtual construction machine". (I blame the use of that phrase on our delirious mindset after staring at Revit for too long.)

PowerHouse is a company that is really embracing that philosophy. Their product is (you guessed it) 'PowerHouse', a modular, green house. Because PowerHouse is factory-built (read: using efficient assembly lines in a climate-controlled environment), the construction quality is much higher than the average single-family home. Specific benefits include tighter tolerances, minimized material defects, and reduced delivery time.

As if prefabrication weren't green enough, all PowerHouse homes have renewable energy systems (solar electric/hot water, geothermal, bio-mass or any combination, depending on the site). They also offer a range of sustainable materials: bamboo flooring, straw board cabinetry, cork flooring, FSC certified lumber.

The most exciting part (for me, at least) is that their main office islocated in Lawrence, MA - only 25 minutes from Tocci HQ!

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