Reconsidering AU

Autodesk is forcing me to eat my words: they have pushed me to attend. So, I'll be there.

I hate saying this, but of course I'm excited.


David Kingham said...

Good to hear, unfortunately you won't be happy with class selection at this point, everything is pretty full. Let me know if you go for sure, would be good to meet you in person. Wish I could have made it out to Pinehurst, looks like a good amount people showed up

John said...

Laura, I'm going to say this in the kindest possible way:

You stink.

David: I wouldn't worry about her class schedule. For someone who's just a click above a BIMTern (hahaha) she's amazingly well connected.

PS: I'm joking about the BIMtern bit... we all know you've achieved BIM Jedi status... so quit rubbing it in with these AU blog posts!!

Jason H said...

So harsh John - I wish there were more people like Laura giving up their free time to help educate the world for free via the internet....

Yes - her comments about AU may have been little hard but maybe that's because she's never been to it before and has learnt Revit the hard way - Just doing it....

Laura Handler said...

Okay..okay.. I admit it. I was just jealous and ignorant. And now I'm excited. I don't know what else to say, except that if I hadn't been so vocal and "harsh" about it, I probably wouldn't be going.

By the way, John, you know I hate admitting that I'm wrong, so please don't you make me do it ever again.

Dan K said...

I for one, welcome our Autodesk overlords.
Every time you use the word BIMtern you owe me $5 in royalties :)
I went to AU last year. I found the over sensation of spectacle a bit anesthetic. Perhaps it is a valuable experience for those first getting into VDC, or as a networking venue, or to experience the masterful marketing machine first hand.