Tracks at AU

Preface: I am aware that there are many people at Autodesk who want to work to support the construction portion of the AEC industry. I appreciate those people who provide us (specifically Tocci) so much support. I am also aware that in general, designers purchase more seats of AutoCAD, Revit, etc. than Builders.

But what message does it send that there is no "Construction" track at AU?


James Van said...

The AEC campus is Architecture, Engineering and.....Construction! What kinds of classes can't you find?

Laura Handler said...

It isn't that I can't find classes. I haven't even started to deal with that!

I'm just talking about the discipline-specific tracks that they have:

Architecture & Building Design
CAD Management and IT
Civil Engineering
Collaboration and Data Management
Collaborative Project Management
Customization and Programming
Design Visualization
Education and Training
Facilities Management
General Design and Drafting
Geo spatial
Main Stage
MEP Design and Engineering
Plant Design
Structural Design and Engineering

Despite not having a Construction track, I love that there are more construction-oriented classes. As much as I like to complain about Autodesk, they seem to be moving the right direction!

John said...

I feel like "tracks" facilitate laziness... It's very easy to pick courses one at a time, and when you simply sign up for a given track, I can't help but think you're missing out on a plethora of opportunities offered elsewhere.

This isn't a one-stop shop... it's a choose your own adventure!

Laura Handler said...

I know..I'm just saying....

Ken Tometsko said...

I am part of the Autodesk team working on construction initiatives and would like to provide a bit more background on several construction activities that are taking place at AU. We will have several sessions focused on construction including an integrated demonstration of several construction-related products that will take place during the AEC Industry Session, a roundtable discussion of best practices with Revit, NavisWorks and Collaborative Project Management (CPM) that will be facilitated by Ken Stowe and me, and a session focused on BIM-CPM integration. In addition, we will have classes focused on the use of Revit, NavisWorks and Collaborative Project Management going on throughout the week. I am hopeful that there will be more than enough content at AU to meet the needs of our construction customers. Any and all comments would be appreciated.